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Have you ever had thoughts you don't understand? Temptation from voices only offering permanent, pain-filled solutions? Felt feelings of despair and hopelessness in the midst of some of the most successful seasons of your life? You're not alone. Since 2020, more and more people have come to understand these feelings of being lost or stuck with no clue how they got there, let alone how to get out of the darkness they find themselves in. Depression has become the #1 health issue in the world today and the church has been eerily silent about it.

Not anymore. Join Pastor Aaron DeLong as he shines a light on the subject of depression through Biblical truths that speak to modern psychology, while urging us to shed the stigmatism that comes along with getting healthy mentally. He shares his personal story on how he fought for his own life in 2019 and how you can too.

In the following messages, through the story of Elijah, the Old Testament prophet, you will learn the contributing factors that got us into the cave of depression and the very practical steps you can take to get out of it.

Both of these messages contain Aaron's personal experience and reflect several years of research. The most influential resource was a book by Pastor Chris Hodges called "Out of the Cave". Pick up the copy of the book for a deeper dive on the subject here:

If you feel you need to speak to someone regarding your next steps towards mental health, please get in touch with a member of our Community Support team.

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