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We provide kids opportunities to experience life-giving worship and teaching of the word of God while their parents and caretakers have the exact same experience, distraction-free, in main service. Through developmentally appropriate games, activities and lessons, they learn truth, how loved they are by their creator, and how that creator designed them for an amazing purpose! We consider it a privilege to serve children and their families as they grow together in faith. We get to do this!!


currently serving confident walkers up to 3 years of age. 

Young ones enjoy playtime, songs, and developmentally appropriate lessons designed to help introduce them to who Jesus is and how loved they are. They experience their first church community, led by enthusiastic leaders excited to pray over them, introduce them to cooperative play and learning toys, and prepare them for a more structured environment as they grow.


Early Childhood

 serving 4-year-olds to 1st graders. 

Preschoolers and early learners grow in their relationship with Jesus as they experience an exciting classroom environment. Leaders guide them in times of worship, lessons centering around what Jesus does in their lives, and crafts and games that help them absorb teaching, make friends, and want to come back for more.


serving 2nd-5th graders. 

Maturing students will continue to experience fun, fellowship, and thoughtful experiences designed just for them in mind. Our elementary leaders teach them what it looks like to have a relationship with Jesus and how to apply His teachings to their own lives. Students are challenged to grow their faith outside of church and inside as they engage in sermons, activities, and small group discussions. 

Watch Now


We host a gathering each Sunday at 10 AM EST for your kids! All you have to do is show up, check your kids in, and then we take care of the rest! We also know that's sometimes you can't make it in person. Thankfully we have created a variety of lessons, activities, games, and more for your family to enjoy, with your kids in mind. Check out more below.

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